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ScanLife links consumers to product info via UPC bar code scanning

A consumer just scans the code already on the package, and the application provides product related information. The application now serves as an assistant to consumers doing product research in-store.

“The ScanLife app has always been designed for consumers to quickly and easily link to content from the physical world – mainly using 2D barcodes,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO of Scanbuy, New York. “UPC bar codes offer another way for our users to access information from the products they interact with, and we see thousands of scans every day.  

“We are also a media driven company where reach is critical to our customers and partners,” he said. “That is why we are supporting this feature on three of the most popular platforms right away. 

“Price comparison information adds a lot of value to the application, and that is already growing our audience size. In the end, this is what is important to our customers from Esquire to Volkswagen.”

There are a few points that make this announcement different:
1. ScanLife can already scan 2D codes, so now this is truly an all-in-one barcode scanner
2. Some other applications have been released for one or two smartphones, but ScanLife released this version for the top 3 platforms right away. 
3. ScanLife is still the only bar code scanner being preloaded on new phones in the U.S., so it claims to have the widest audience.

ScanLife is a free application, so the price comparison and product review information display is supported by advertising which is supplied through Quattro Wireless.  

JCPenney is one of the advertisers. The retailer is pushing its Weekly Deals application via banners in the application.

Here is a screen grab of the application, with the JCPenney banner at the bottom.

Glo TV is also running ads withing the app.

Here is a screen grab of the banner ad:

Here is a screen grab of the landing page:

The ScanLife application pulls data on specific products from online retailers like Amazon, and others will be added soon.

The feature will help give shoppers direct access to product information in one-click. That will make the shopping experience easier and more efficient for consumers who are already using their smartphone to look up information in the store.

Consumers are using their smartphones to get product information, consumer reviews and price comparisons.  Forty-one percent of iPhone users are likely to check prices from their mobile phones while they are shopping in a store, according to Compete. 

“This is all about making it easier and faster for consumers to get to specific information,” Mr. Bulkeley said. “There is no need to search by products or type in long URLs – just scan and go.”