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Samplesaint to receive funding to better serve CPG, retail brands

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Giselle Tsirulnik interviewed Al Grace, president and cofounder of Loop Capital, New York, and Lawrence Griffith, CEO of Samplesaint, New York. Here is what they said in the email interview:  

How does this news (SS capital raise) affect the mobile industry?
It will have an overall positive effect on the mobile industry. 

In general, this will continue to build consumer confidence in new and diverse benefit offerings of mobile devices. 

Within the segment Samplesaint competes in, mobile couponing, it creates excitement and energy for how the delivery of value in-store is being redefined. 

Ultimately, this will not alter our overall strategic choices but instead, enable Samplesaint to execute on a broader scale.

We expect to remain competitive and eventually emerge as a clear market leader within digital couponing.

What will Samplesaint do with the funding?
The infusion of additional investment capital will enable Samplesaint to expand infrastructure and drive scale across multiple retailers and categories.

Additionally, Samplesaint will continue developing a robust innovation pipeline against pre-identified consumer needs.

Can you talk about some of the retailers Samplesaint has worked with and give details?
Samplesaint is actively working with a number of major retailers and CPG companies. We have developed relationships with brands that compete across diverse categories and consumer segments. 

We are also exploring how the Samplesaint business model behaves across various retail channels within the various segments. 

The objective is always how to deliver greater value to consumers in a way that optimizes practicality, ease of use, and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, we cannot divulge the names of our CPG partners or brands due to confidentiality.

What is the current state of mobile marketing and how do companies like Samplesaint fit into the picture?
Mobile marketing is the future of connecting with consumers. 

As CPG companies continue to reduce their investments behind traditional media spends and focus more on how to drive purchase decisions in-store, digital solutions like ours will provide better access and deeper connections with consumers. 

We will continue to work toward building relationships with consumers where in matters most: at the shelf and at the cash register.

Where do you see mobile going in the next few years?
Without divulging our innovation pipeline, we believe that the future is very bright for mobile technology in general and mobile couponing in particular. 

In today’s economy, everyone is trying to minimize time and maximize value. 

Samplesaint is the only company who delivers a robust end-to-end solution in real time.

Retailers, CPG companies and consumers will continue to reward anyone who simplifies shopping trips by making purchase choices easier and less costly.