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Rogers & Hollands Jewelers mobile program drives repeat business

The program is in place at 16 stores and the jeweler does a lot in mobile around Mother’s Day, which is the jewelry buying season. Cellit Mobile Marketing is powering the ongoing mobile program.

Rogers & Hollands Jewelers was founded in 1910 and has grown from one location to eighty-seven throughout the Midwest.

The company’s distinctive jingle “Jewelry created for now and forever” is a staple on broadcast airwaves, and the company is regionally recognized as a leading purveyor of fine jewelry.

Cellit created the Rogers & Hollands Mobile Club, a semi-regular SMS communication channel.

Members of the club receive two to three offers, messages or coupons a month that drive repeat business.

Most importantly for Rogers & Hollands, the club targets a younger demographic (those typically purchasing an engagement ring) and allows them to keep fine jewelry purchases top-of-mind.

The mobile program was promoted through various in-store and out-of-store print inititavies:

Rogers & Hollands provided an initial incentive that helped drive membership.

In just the first two months, membership swelled to over 1,300 participants and grew steadily to over 3,300 in just four months.