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Robert Mondavi Winery rewards consumers via mobile challenges

The winery and Franciscan Estate have partnered with SCVNGR for the mobile promotion. Both wineries will be building on the SCVNGR platform.

“SCVNGR is social, wine is social,” said Ryan Neu, partnership executive at SCVNGR, Boston. “With this partnership, we wanted to create a location-based model for the wine industry that could be replicated and applied to any wine region in the world.

“Robert Mondavi Winery engaged SCVNGR to highlight and showcase its expert history of wine, food and art,” he said. “SCVNGR was a perfect fit and an obvious choice for Robert Mondavi Winery because the app allows a brand to build whatever kind of content that makes sense for it, while maintaining the fun and viral factors of the location-based game and offering location-relevant incentives.”

Robert Mondavi Winery and Franciscan Estate are located in California’s Napa Valley.

Mobile wine|
Visitors can go to the wineries and check-in and share where they are on SCVNGR.

In addition, consumers can complete challenges and play SCVNGR, which has been customized at that location by Robert Mondavi Winery.

“All campaigns present a degree of fun difficulty,” Mr. Neu said. “With the Robert Mondavi Winery and Franciscan Estate campaign, education was critical.

“In order to accomplish our goals of traffic, engagement, and incentivizing, we needed to infuse the SCVNGR platform throughout the valley,” he said. “We needed to reach the Gladwell-coined tipping point, which means that everyone in Napa Valley has either heard of SCVNGR, is building on SCVNGR, or is playing SCVNGR.

Here is a screen grab of one of the challeneges.

Complimentary visits
Winery visitors can complete winery-specific challenges to unlock badges and earn rewards.

In addition to VIP vineyard tours and complimentary wine tastings, the rewards also include a wine valley getaway for two.

Here is a screen grab of the challenge list

“With regards to SCVNGR app updates stay tuned,” Mr. Neu said. “With our wine initiative, 2011 is going to be an exciting year and you should expect to see SCVNGR fully integrating itself into wine regions both domestically and internationally.”