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SMS deal aggregator MobHooks targets consumers and businesses

As a search engine platform designed to enable consumers to find a product or service either locally or nationally, MobHooks finds itself as a conduit for consumers to submit, share, review and rate text offers.

Launched recently, MobHooks also lets businesses and agencies submit SMS campaigns for free.

“There needs to be a central location where businesses have a platform to promote their text clubs and coupons other than in-house,” said Tom Welch, co-creator of MobHooks.

“While MobHooks has benefits for both small and large merchants, it helps level the playing field and is a way for additional mass exposure for these clubs,” he said.

The site also provides a way for merchants to build their customer database with consumers who have expressed an interest in their products.

“Merchants need to focus on building their own databases instead of relying on the databases of companies such as Groupon,” Mr. Welch said.

For consumers who are growing increasingly accustomed to search for deals online, the site provides convenience.

Text clubs lack visibility
“Text clubs often offer the best deals for consumers, but unless you see the opportunity in the merchant’s marketing efforts, the consumer may never hear about these great offers,” Mr. Welch said.

Many of MobHooks’ campaigns currently on the site have been shared by site users. There are also campaigns posted by newspapers, radio stations such as Clear Channel Los Angeles, restaurants, television shows, malls, large national chains, small and mid-size retailers and resellers. 

The site will eventually give consumers the ability to select when they want to be notified on certain products, services or brands.

“Coupon sharing, as a whole, has become quite popular and I think sharing on the digital side is just the natural evolution,” Mr. Welch said.