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RBS WorldPay to market mobile payment service

The Royal Bank of Scotland WorldPay will market Payware Mobile via its multiple channels, including its nationwide direct and ISO sales forces.

RBS WorldPay teamed up with VeriFone to use the company’s mobile card payment service for the iPhone. The service is for both micro-merchants and mobile merchants seeking increased functionality, according to RBS WorldPay.

“RBS WorldPay is targeting mobile merchants and micro-merchants so that they can process transactions safely and securely on the card the consumer prefers,” said Ian Drysdale, senior vice president of product and business development for RBS WorldPay, Atlanta. 

“RBS WorldPay has partnered with VeriFone to provide high quality, low-cost transaction processing around the globe,” he said. “RBS WorldPay has more than 100,000 merchants utilizing VeriFone devices from petroleum to grocery to restaurant and retail, not to mention mobile merchants.”

RBS WorldPay provides electronic payment-processing services, including credit, debit, EBT, checks, gift cards, ecommerce, customer loyalty cards, fleet cards, ATM processing and cash management services.

VeriFone  is a worldwide provider of electronic payment services such as the point-of-sale merchant-operated and consumer-facing self-service payment systems.

Credit card sleeve
The Payware Mobile car encryption sleeve incorporates VeriFone’s end-to-end encryption technology, which encrypts each transaction from the time of card swipe until it reaches RBS WorldPay, and ensures secure payment processing.

RBS WorldPay is not the first company to team up with VeriFone.

Merchant Services Inc. recently partnered with VeriFone to distribute and process the company’s Payware mobile credit card encryption sleeve.

The sleeve plugs into the iPhone dock connector, cradles the phone and is ready to read the cards (see story).

“Essentially, the user would download a Payware Mobile app from the iTunes store to their iPhone,” Mr. Drysdale said. “We would then recommend that they use the card encryption sleeve available from VeriFone, which affords the merchant card present rates.”

Here is a screen grab of the application:

VeriFone technology
VeriFone’s card reader slips over the iPhone to accommodate card swipes and let mechants avoid high-cost “card-not-present” fees.

The service incorporates a stylus for signature capture and a mini-USB port for charging the iPhone while the ergonomic reader is attached.

“Mobile commerce is becoming less a specialized solution involving high cost equipment and a more a low cost, highly accepted solution for merchants,” Mr. Drysdales said. “Lower prices and smart phones are driving the trend. 

“Solutions with end-to-end encryption such as the VeriFone Payware card encryption sleeve will provide the highest degree of security, beyond SSL, so that the merchant never has the card number, reducing risk for the cardholder and the merchant,” he said.