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QVC streamlines mcommerce, social with app update

Going forward into 2014, the multichannel retailer will continue its focus on expanding mobile commerce and social, with “Buy More, Save More” and “Easy Pay” options. QVC understands that consumers like to identify quality items and bargains and then tell others about it.

“QVC has an established brand and following and is well positioned to use mobile to improve its business,” Chris Heaslip, founder and CEO of Pushpay, Costa Mesa, CA. “Apps need to be constantly updated to ensure they are in line with recent best design practices.

“Design changes rapidly and even apps, which are 12 months old can look dated if they haven’t had recent refreshes,” he said. “Good design teams are constantly reviewing data gained and reviewing where apps have bugs, or where steps in the buying process which can be more streamlined.

“An investment in these areas can have a large ROI as removing seconds from the process will provide large increases in the percent completion/purchasing ratio,” Mr. Heaslip said.

Mr. Heaslip is not affiliated with QVC. He commented based on his expertise.

QVC did not respond to press enquiries.

Social promotion
QVC’s updated app simplifies the selection and purchase process by updating the shopping cart so it is easier to access special offers and check out options.

Key features include an HD live stream. Users will have the option to purchase the current items featured on-air.

The app includes additional product detail informational tabs, such as size charts, brand information, ingredients and delivery date estimates.

Warranties are available to purchase for some items.

If app users like something or make a purchase, they can share that information with others via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

The QVC app is available for free download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

QVC app screenshots

Enhanced mcommerce
QVC chose well to enhance its app’s social media components.

QVC is one of the world’s largest multimedia retailers, with 24/7 TV live broadcasts, ecommerce Web site and mobile apps.

As of August 2013, QVC was the second largest mobile retail site and the fifth largest Web site in the United States.

Also in August, QVC revealed toGather, its new social platform, and pinpointed mobile’s role in driving television tune-ins as part of the new rollout (see story).

Having established social and mcommerce platforms and apps are very important to QVC, according to Abinash Tripathy, CEO of Helpshift, San Francisco

“In 2013, time spent by U.S. adults on mobile — non voice — was 19.4 percent growing at a [compound annual growth rate] of over 50 percent, while all other media are declining,” Mr. Tripathy said. “As this channel becomes the primary channel for many, it is important for e- and mcommerce companies to embrace this channel and provide the best experience via this medium.”

Final Take
Kari Jensen is staff writer on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York