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Quiznos foreshadows mobile ordering rollout with new loyalty app

Quiznos is embracing rewards as a way of recruiting new customers and retaining old ones with a new loyalty application called Toasty Points.

The Denver-based sandwich chain just released a new app that lets users earn and redeem loyalty points at Quiznos’ locations around the country. To incentivize downloads, Quiznos is offering free rewards to users who install the app now.

“Quiznos mobile experience has become an important aspect for how a customer engages with our brand,” said Tim Kraus, director of innovation and interactive at Quiznos. “For this reason, mobile is one of the most important pillars of our marketing strategy.

“As our target customers are increasing the time they spend on mobile devices, we continue to focus on effectively and efficiently reaching them, utilizing mobile targeting and enriched mobile experiences.”

Toasty Points
The new Toasty Points app is designed to entice new customers to start eating at Quiznos and retain existing customers through loyalty rewards. For every purchase made at a Quiznos and tracked through the app, users can receive points that can then be redeemed for free sandwiches, drinks and more.

Points can be earned in a number of other ways. In addition to purchasing Quiznos items, users can earn loyalty points by linking their Quiznos account to their social media accounts and referring friends who then download the app themselves.

While loyal Quiznos customers are likely to download the app without much convincing, the chain still needs to target new customers who may not be as familiar with the brand. To do this, Quiznos has simultaneously launched a campaign to reward anyone who installs the app.

Anyone who downloads the app and signs up for the loyalty program will earn one free four-inch sandwich with any additional purchase made at Quiznos.

The Toasty Points app represents more than just a move towards acquiring loyalty. The app is also Quiznos’ next big step into the larger world of quick-service restaurant chain apps.

With this app, users can receive news from Quiznos, deals and promotions, access a Quiznos location finder and an option to provide feedback on both the food and the customer experience.

Additionally, the app will have some social media integration.

Quiznos is also planning on adding another highly competitive feature to its app – mobile ordering. The chain has not yet announced when that capability will be added.

“The mechanics of the app were designed to increase visits to Quiznos and reward customers for their purchases,” Mr. Kraus said. “Full integration with our consumer infrastructure (in-store cash registers and our new POS system) was required in order to execute well.”

Consolidating features
Loyalty points and in-app mobile ordering are not at all new concepts in the world of fast-casual restaurants. Just this month, Uber announced a partnership with Shop Your Way to offer loyalty points to users who take rides with it (see story).

In the world of in-app ordering, Chick-fil-A has made use of maps. Customers can order food and select which location to pick it up from through Chick-fil-A’s dedicated mobile app (see story).

But combining the two in one application is where restaurants will see the most success. Pei Wei recently announced such a merging, offering mobile ordering and loyalty points in its app (see story).

As brands compete for the limited screen space on consumers’ smartphones, consolidating as many features as possible into one app is the only way to ensure that customers receive the most value possible out of each app they download.

“Toasty Points helps reward our guests for the purchases they make at Quiznos, as well as influence future purchasing decisions,” Mr. Kraus said. “The app allows us to better understand what our loyal customers love about Quiznos and gives us a way to connect with customers in a one-to-one manner at a mass scale.”