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Quaker uses QR codes to start dialogue for Nick Jonas promotion

Quaker Oats is using QR codes on the packaging for certain items as a way to initiate a dialogue with customers that continues online.

Boxes of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars currently in stores display QR codes as part of a promotion featuring teen musician Nick Jonas. By scanning the codes, customers can see a preview of how they can send their kids personalized messages from Mr. Jonas.

“The QR code allowed us to provide our consumers with a preview of what we were offering — further, the personalization element of Nick actually saying your name could not have been brought to life without the QR code and we thought this was an important aspect to highlight to our consumers,” said Nidhin Mattappally, associate marketing manager of Quaker Snack Bars, Chicago.

“We believed that once moms saw the technology at work, they would be more willing to go online to redeem their own free, customizable greetings,” he said.

Instant connection
Messaging on the packaging encourages parents to send their kids a customized e-card from Mr. Jonas. Customers can find a code number inside the boxes that can be entered online to create an e-card from Mr. Jonas using the recipient’s name.

The campaign was designed to help foster the moments in the day when moms can feel good about the choices they make and put a smile on their kids’ faces, per Mr. Mattappally.

Quaker worked with NeoMedia, which provided the QR code component, and StarGreetz on the campaign.

“QR codes on packaged goods provide an instant way to connect with the consumer and provide the consumer with greater information about the product, or in this campaign offer an inclusive incentive with the Jonas Bros.,” said Laura Marriott, acting CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, Atlanta.

“This campaign establishes an important dialogue between brand and the customer and incentivizes parents and their kids to purchase the product,” she said.

There are other benefits to brands from using QR codes as well, including delivering higher click-through and call rates than a URL or 1-800 number, per Ms. Marriott.

“It becomes all about the incentive the brand is providing for the scan,” Ms. Marriott said. “The better the incentive or reason to scan, the higher the number of scans. Value and relevance are key.

“Given the Jonas Bros. call to action, we expect that this campaign will do well,” she said.

QR codes also provide detailed information about a campaign which can enable a brand marketer to better understand its customers and tailor future communications.

The many benefits of QR codes is one reason their use is growing among consumer packaged goods companies, per Ms. Marriott.

This is the first time that Quaker has used QR codes in conjunction with Quaker Chewy Granola bars.

“It’s an exciting technology that allows us to engage with consumers in a new and interesting way and provide relevant content,” Mr. Mattappally said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York