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PriceGrabber launches shopping iPad app to increase consumer touch points

Shoppers looking for help with a gift purchase can turn to the application’s gift suggestion tool. Shoppers receive gift suggestions with specifications based on price or category.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Giselle Tsirulnik interviewed Barbary Brunner, chief marketing officer at Here is what he said:

What is the strategy behind the app?
I know very few people who don’t feel strapped for time these days, and we hear regularly from folks who are just looking for ways to be more efficient and informed in finding the best deals on the products they need and want. 

The Internet offers an overwhelming and sometimes confusing wealth of information and shopping opportunities.

At PriceGrabber we’re dedicated to using the latest in technology to help people research and shop on-the-go while feeling assured that they are getting the most relevant information to help them make smart purchase decisions. 

The iPad provides a great platform for a rich and robust anytime anywhere consumer shopping experience and this app is a key component of our mobile strategy.

Why is the iPad demographic ideal for who PriceGrabber is targeting?
PriceGrabber has a loyal audience that reaches across many demographic groups and we are committed to giving them a great shopping experience on a variety of device platforms including the desktop one we’ve been providing for more than 10 years.

We do have a long history and strong following in the technology early adopter community. 

Being one of the first companies to break ground with a product offering designed for the iPad was our opportunity to do something really cutting-edge for that audience as well as a whole host of new users who love what Apple handheld technology brings to user product experience.

What commerce functionality does the app have?
The PriceGrabber iPad application allows consumers to search a regularly updated database of millions of products from more than 11,000 merchants, conduct comprehensive product research by reading full product reviews, search for gift ideas using the gift suggestion tool, view enlarged product images thanks to the larger format iPad screen, create a list of their favorite products and follow through with a purchase of selected items while on-the-go.

What challenges do you hope to address for consumers with this app?
As a result of economic and other changes over the last few years we’re seeing more of a new kind of consumer—we call them “PriceGrabbers.”  

These are price-conscious folks who arm themselves with information before buying and then brag about the great deals they get as a result of their smart shopping.

As with all our product offerings, the PriceGrabber iPad application not only helps shoppers find the best deal, it also gives them confidence in their purchase decisions through product reviews, price comparisons and calculating BottomLinePrice. 

And because our shoppers aren’t always sitting by their computers at home or the office, PriceGrabber’s mobile applications give them access to the best prices and the confidence of a complete shopping experience anytime, anywhere.