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Powermat uses location-based game to get consumers in-store

In addition to the virtual rewards, Powermat is running a campaign that includes a sweepstakes promotion through the “Ultimate Charging Station” page. The campaign is powered by appssavvy.

“As far as working with powermat, they understand that the social space is where people are consuming media,” said Chris Cunningham, founder/CEO of appssavvy, New York. “Their strategy was to leverage, they definitely wanted to be in mobile and wanted to do quite a bit more than media or display.

“MyTown is all about location-based targeting,” he said. “They wanted to interact with people based on check-in and location.

“We were just presented the early data and it’s already in the double digit numbers as far as purchase intent and awareness and this highlights why these programs are so good for brands.”

Powermat delivers real time, wireless charging to mobile.

Appssavvy connects hundreds of social media applications on Facebook, MySpace, Google and iPhone with brands and agencies.

Powermat campaign
The campaign lets MyTown players check-in via their handset to a Powermat retailer, such as Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond or Target.

After they check-in, users can unlock Powermat-branded virtual items.

Consumers can learn about available wireless charging products and be able to enter into the sweepstakes to win Powermat’s Wireless Charging System for iPhone by interacting with Powermat products in-store.

“This is a snapshot how brands can truly provide value and make sense in the mobile category,” Mr. Cunningham said. “I think that mobile is arguably important and one of the most powerful platforms out there because it lives in your pocket.

“It should be celebrated, brand integration is really what people want to do,” he said. “The client understood the people that use this type of game.

“It’s primarily 18-44 males who are interested in tech, media and products.”

In March, H&M promoted its new collection within the MyTown iPhone application.

H&M promoted its new “The Blues” collection and The MyTown game let players unlock rewards and earn points by checking-in from real-world shops and locations (see story).

“We’re turning a corner here,” Mr. Cunningham said. “Brands are recognizing a need – with cost savings and a context of partnering rather than building a site or app.

“For the most part, the majority of marketers are understanding what they are getting into,” he said. “Mobile has arrived and brands understand that there are great opportunities.”

Final thought
Mr. Cunnigham came to Mobile Commerce Daily’s offices in New York and editorial assistant Rimma Kats interviewed him on camera regarding how social media is changing. Check out Mr. Cunningham’s video: