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Pop Burger gets 5,000 consumer opt-ins with mobile coupons

The New York restaurant chain of two teamed up with 8coupons for the campaign. The company sold its burgers – normally $7 – for 88 cents on the 8th of every month if the consumer presented a mobile coupon.

“We did this to essentially gain more marketability in the Midtown market,” said Jonathan Weizmann, manager at Pop Burger, New York. “It seems that most people that work in a corporate office tend to be on the Internet looking for deals or using their mobile phone for deals.

“Nowadays it is what everyone operates on,” he said. “You get more returns by hitting someone in the pocket as opposed to people looking at mailers. People are more interested in getting something from their phone – there’s more value to it.

“People are more into the technology.”

Beefed up
Pop Burger promoted the mobile coupons in its Chelsea and Midtown Manhattan locations.

Consumers can go to to opt-in and receive deal alerts.

In addition to its 88-cent burger deals, consumers can receive a mobile coupon for a lunch special deal at any of the two locations.

“We promoted this via our Web site, which has 1.3 million unique visitors per month, our weekly email blast to 40,000 New Yorkers, social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Going and Craigslist, and we do a full PR campaign targeted to local New York City bloggers,” said Matthew Moskowitz, director of marketing communications at 8coupons Inc.

“This mobile campaign is a fantastic way for businesses to collect a database of their customers,” he said. “When a customer texts themselves the coupon for the 88-cent burgers, he or she is also opting in to receive Pop Burger deal alerts.

“Pop Burger then has the option of sending one text per month to their list in order to send out extremely targeted promotional information.”

Sweet tooth
Cinnabon has also team-up with 8coupons to promote its newly launched cupcakes.

On May 18, from 11 a.m.-8 p.m., the company is selling cupcakes at its Penn Station location for 8 cents to consumers who present their mobile coupon.

“Nothing captures that same spirit and methodology like mobile,” said Bill Gellert, franchise owner of Cinnabon, New York. “8coupons helped generate some buzz about the product and get our name out there.”

“Consumers are consistently using their cell phone,” he said. “My feeling is that right now, mobile is an appropriate vehicle to promote this.”