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Pizza Pizza streamlines ordering and delivery via mobile

The application is available for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The pizza chain claims that the app’s simplicity is unlike any other in its industry.

“The mobile space is growing faster than anyone anticipated, so it is crucial for companies like Pizza Pizza to implement effective mobile strategies,” said Melody Adhami, cofounder of Plastic Mobile, Toronto. “This space is where brands will find new and existing customers.

“It makes sense to follow and provide for their customers as most are using mobile apps in their daily routines,” she said. “Businesses need to be present and listen to the needs and demands of their users, so that they continue to develop a strong brand.

“It’s only a matter of time before mobile not only becomes an integral part of any company’s marketing plan but also how they conduct their daily operations.”

Plastic Mobile is the mobile agency that helped create the app for Pizza Pizza.

Mobile ordering
The Pizza Pizza application lets consumer view the pizza chain’s menu and specials information.

Promotional offers are also displayed prominently within the application, to drive more sales.

Customers who are ready to make an order via the app can customize their pizza with countless toppings and menu choices. Additionally, custoers can use the application for both pick-ups and delivery.

The application includes a variety of payment options, including student meal card programs.

To make life easier for customers, the app allows them to program their favorite orders and locations for future use.

This eliminates the need to re-enter orders and delivery addresses.

Consumers can order pizza via their mobile device

Customers can add toppings to their pizza

Consumers get a confirmation of their order

Encouraging usage
Pizza Pizza aims to encourage app usage via limited time offer for orders placed via the app.

For a limited time, customers who place an order through the app will have the opportunity to scratch and win directly on their mobile device for the chance to win a variety of menu items.

Prizes will be automatically added to the customer’s cart for their next order.

“Mobile is empowering companies and their customers by changing the way they do business,” Ms. Adhami said. “For companies, this is an innovative and strategic approach of reaching more of their existing and even new customers, while at the same time making the order-taking and delivery process more efficient.

“For the customers, it is offering them the sense of power, choice and flexibility to place an order from virtually anywhere” she said.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Giselle Tsirulnik interviewed Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer of Pizza Pizza, Toronto. Here is what she had to say:
How has the new Pizza Pizza app set a new standard in delivery and Canada’s restaurant industry? 
Through developing an intuitive app with robust features, allowing customers to browse and order at the flick of a finger.

The new app is easy to use and has tons of features that allow you to really personalize your order.

The feedback  has been outstanding  – our customers are pumped about the new Pizza Pizza app.

Our company has strived for innovation since day one. Sometimes innovation takes a little time, but it is always worth waiting for. We believe this is the case this time.

What was the strategy behind launching the application?
The launch of Pizza Pizza’s app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad platforms are the first phase of our broader mobile strategy. Ecommerce was a top priority for us three years ago.

Now we are excited to have our customers engage in m-commerce transactions with this app. Based on our research, the most clicks to our Web site at come from iPhone, iTouch and iPad customers.

We will be attentively listening to customer and industry feedback as we continue to innovate and plan for future launches in this space.

What challenges does it address for customers and for Pizza Pizza?
We watch consumer habits carefully and listen attentively to what people say and our customers have told us they appreciate the convenience of multiple ordering options and customization.
Pizza, as a food choice, is loved universally in part because it is customizable. That’s why this app with pizza is a match – if you look at the evolution of our menu, you will notice that we are focused on customization and personal choice.
What are you doing to promote the app to customers? 
We are promoting this app through our various online platforms, like our Web site (, Facebook ( and Twitter ( We are also promoting through traditional media like print fliers, radio, in store, etcetera.