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Pizza Hut launches mobile augmented reality app to direct consumers in-store

Included in the much-anticipated application is a GPS store locator and an augmented reality mobile platform licensed from Australian mobile company Insqribe. Augmented reality uses the iPhone camera, GPS and compass, to display annotations, in situ, on top of the real-world view.

“Insqribe is happy to be working with Pizza Hut as they have applied Insqribe’s mobile augmented reality platform in a functional manner with the launch of their new iPhone app in Australia,” said Nick Gonios, commercial director at Inscribe. 

“Using the camera view to find the closest Pizza Hut store around you, order and pick up a pizza is a compelling experience for Pizza Hut’s consumer’s on the go,” he said.

Insqribe is an Australian mobile platform company that enables brands, marketers and agencies to deliver mobile phone applications using augmented reality and proximity-based functionality that are both engaging and measurable.

In the case of the Pizza Hut application, consumers can choose to order a pizza for pick-up and then use the real world augmented reality view in order to select the store they would like to pick the pizza up from.

Moving the phone around will show all Pizza Hut stores in the area in their actual physical location, as well as the distance to the store.

Holding the iPhone flat will bring up a map with all surrounding Pizza Hut stores allowing the user to get directions to the store.

The augmented reality technology is only available on iPhone 3GS.

“Someone looking for a Pizza Hut outlet simply has to hold up their iPhone 3Gs, the camera opens and the screen shows not only what is in front of the user, but small tabs highlighting the direction and distance of Pizza Hut locations nearby,” said Valerie Kubizniak, Australia marketing director at Pizza Hut.

“Point north, south east or west and the locations change before your eyes – everyone will love this feature and it’s so much fun to use,” she said.

Here is a demonstration of the application: