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Pinterest weaves social sharing, cataloging for jewelry brand exposure


Unlike Instagram, social networking and imagery-based inspiration board tool Pinterest allows consumers to browse a wide array of products and includes the option to seamlessly connect to a brand’s Web site where items can be explored further, potentially leading to a purchase.

Pinterest’s format works well for brands aiming to appeal to aspirational consumers while still maintaining a sense of community with enthusiasts. For jewelry and watch brands that have a wide range of faithful and aspirational consumers, the channel is useful to generate conversation and awareness without overtly pushing commerce.

“Luxury brands have the unique ability to leverage the visual dominant Pinterest platform to showcase their products, said Jeff Cohen, director of social media at MDG Advertising, Boca Raton, FL. “Style, fashion and jewelry are some of the most successful pins we see on Pinterest.

“Users pop on to spend a few minutes or hours flipping through items they like,” he said. “Aspirational marketing is all about building demand and interest around your products. On Pinterest, the most pins win.

“Brands can showcase exclusive photos of their products that nobody has seen anywhere else. When setup properly the pin will link back to a website page with more info about the product or the ability to impulsively buy.”

Virtual catalogs
For luxury brands with a wide product range that includes apparel and accessories but also jewelry and watches, Pinterest can help organize the items to ease browsing. By segregating products rather than lumping a brand’s offerings into one place, a consumer will likely have a better experience if they have a specific piece or style in mind.

For example, Italian fashion label Versace introduced a new collection of women’s wrist watches through a dedicated Pinterest board to expand awareness for its entire range of timepieces.

Officially debuting at Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland, March 27 through April 3, Versace’s Pinterest board allows consumers not attending the watch fair to explore the new collection before it hits retail locations. Touting a new watch will also drive traffic to the Pinterest board where consumers may repin other watches available from Versace.

Versace’s Watches Pinterest board

Also, watches can be easily purchased via Versace’s Web site. The brand has included the direct link to its watch Web page for purchasing. Versace also included both men’s and women’s watches to the Pinterest board to appeal to both genders (see story).

It is also important to note that cosumers of any monetary mean can participate in Pinterest because it is based off inspiration and interest rather than what can actually be purchased at that time. Whether the consumer has pinned a $20,000 timepiece, but can only feasibly obtain an $800 wrist watch, the brand has established itself in the individual’s mind.

Beyond feting a new collection, Pinterest creates a community atmosphere where enthusiasts can enjoy the brand’s watches or jewelry pieces. By giving consumers with a penchant for a certain product an area to explore, the brand likely creates loyalists that will repin items and possibly make multiple purchases.

U.S. label Michael Kors has a very active social platform for its watch collections. Spanning across Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook Michael Kors’ #MKTimeless branded hashtag has connected consumers through their mutual love for the brand’s watches (see story).

On Pinterest, and similarly on its Tumblr, Michael Kors pins its own watch- and time-focused content on to its MK Timeless board. As board followers view what Michael Kors has pinned they have the opportunity to repin products or imagery to their own board creating an limitless rate of exposure for the brand as additional people will view and repin the content.

Michael Kors’ MK Timeless Pinterest board

For Michael Kors, Pinterest is also a valuable tool for gauging consumer interest on a level not affected by point of sale but rather curiosity and stylistic preferences. As of press time, Michael Kors’ MK Timeless board had 110,764 followers and the brand as a whole has 135,933.

Pinterest can also used by luxury jewelry and watch brands to stimulate engagement during a specific season.

For instance, precision-cut crystal maker Swarovski embarked on a multi-pronged social initiative Nov. 29 called “12 Moments to Give” that contained Instagram and Pinterest components and aimed to drive substantial United States retail traffic.

The Pinterest aspect asked followers to share favorite Swarovski pieces and also enlisted Katie Rodgers, fashion illustrator at Paper Fashion, and Caitlin Cawley of Color Me Caitie to host a one-hour holiday pin party. The brand also raised awareness among its 1.5 million Pinterest followers through a Winter Wonderland board that celebrated the holiday season (see story).

Repinning acts like circling a product in a print catalog but gives the product an enormous amount of exposure due to its ability to be shared countless times. As Swarovski fans tuned into the one-hour holiday pin, it is likely that Pinterest users unaware of the initiative repinned images without being aware of the overarching campaign thus organically spreading both the brand and its effort even farther.

“Products that have multiple styles, color options, models or configurations lend themselves perfectly to a dedicated Pinterest board,” Mr. Cohen said.

“The more interest there is around a product, the more dedicated a fan base you can nurture. Fans will rally around the exclusive photos, details and sneak peeks you can share on the product specific Pinterest board. More Pins, more exposure.”

Who to pin
Pinterest vastly increases visibility for brands targeting both aspirational and established consumers, but research suggests that only certain demographics use the image-sharing social networking site.

Experts note that, one of the best ways for luxury brands to attract affluent women using social media is Pinterest.

Pew’s research puts Pinterest as the fastest-growing social network right now, with more than a fifth of Americans signed up. One third of all women in the U.S. use Pinterest.

Pinterest users are also more affluent than other social networking bases, with 28.1 percent of users making more than $100,000 a year (see story).

“Pinterest however, does not provide the same level of interaction and conversation that other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook create,” Mr. Cohen said.

“And it doesn’t matter, that’s not why Pinterest is great. Pinterest has it’s own unique community that respond to incredible images of things they love. That passion from it’s users is what makes Pinterest so successful and a huge opportunity for the brands that get it right.”

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York