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Perricone MD mobile site aims to increase revenues, enhance customer loyalty

The site was built by MarketLive Mobile. Perricone MD hopes to increase revenues and enhance customer loyalty.

“The site automatically detects small screens, so we’re letting the shopper look for Perricone on their own,” said Neil Kjeldsen, vice president of ecommerce at Perricone MD, San Francisco. “Right now, I want to see how the client uses the site before I attempt to drive awareness.

“It will help us drive a smarter marketing effort,” he said. “What is most important is the site is built to enable transacting from your small screen. It is designed to fit that small screen.

“That’s more important than any features of the site.”

Perricone MD specializes in anti-aging cosmeceuticals, anti-inflammatory diet, skin care supplements and acne treatments.

Using the mobile site, consumers can buy skincare products. The site is designed to make mobile purchasing easier regardless of the small screen.

Analysts agree the mobile channel is critical for ecommerce.

An April 2010 Morgan Stanley presentation pointed out that the mobile Internet will be bigger than the desktop Internet in less than five years.

Forrester Research estimates more than 30 percent of mobile users access the Internet to buy products and services.

MarketLive Mobile lets retailers extend their commerce sites to all important touch points including PCs, smartphones and Apple iPads.

As the mobile Internet continues to grow at a rapid pace, it is important for online merchants to give customers the ability to buy their products from as many touch points as possible.

“The world is moving increasingly to mobile and we believe mobile transactions, while few today, will compose a significant portion of our transactions in 2011 and beyond,” Mr. Kjeldsen said.

“We need to get our feet wet and see how our clients respond to our mobile site,” he said. “Are they using it? Are they shopping from it? Why or why not?

“Several months ago we built an iPhone app that was primarily content. We are now linking that content app into the product pages of our mobile site to enable transacting.”