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PayPal: Global mobile payment increased 552pc on Cyber Monday

Studies from PayPal, Compuware and Velti prove that mobile shopping has developed over the year, especially over the holidays. Consumers are ditching the long lines at stores and using their handsets or tablets to make purchases instead.

“Technology items continue to be the hottest trends when it comes to mobile purchases,” said Claudia Lombana, shopping specialist at PayPal, Palo Alto, CA. “We are still continuing to see technology and electronics as hot ticket items.”

Mobile shopping
According to the new PayPal data, there was a 552 percent increase in global mobile payment volume on Cyber Monday 2011 compared to 2010.

Additionally, there was a 397 percent increase in the number of consumers shopping via PayPal Mobile on Cyber Monday 2011 compared to 2010.

PayPal also saw that on Cyber Monday 2011, global mobile payment volume more than double 154 percent compared to an average Monday.

The study also found that Cyber Monday 2011 resulted in a 17 percent increase in global mobile payment volume compared to Black Friday 2011.

The PayPal results also showed that on Cyber Monday 2011, consumers shopped on mobile most frequently between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. PST.

Shoppers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami made the most mobile purchases through PayPal on Cyber Monday 2011.

Additionally, eBay found that shoppers in the United States spent two and a half times more via eBay Mobile this Cyber Monday compared to last year.

The five most popular categories shopped via eBay Mobile – excluding vehicles – were clothing, shoes and accessories, computers and networking, jewelry and watches, collectibles and sporting goods.

In addition, the five most popular categories shopped via eBay Mobile – excluding vehicles – included clothing, shoes and accessories, collectibles, jewelry and watches, cell phones and PDAs and toys and hobbies.

“Consumers were turning to their mobile devices because it’s convenient,” Ms. Lombana said. “Last year, on dec. 12, we had our biggest day for mobile.

“We call it Mobile Sunday and we’re expecting to see, we’re expecting to see the same spike,” she said. “We’re expecting to see the same thing.”

Peak season
During Cyber Monday, across all platforms, app usage peaked from 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., according to research from Velti.

The company found that consumers were accessing apps earlier in the morning due to the time sensitive deals that occur on Cyber Monday.

Additionally, impressions on iPhone shopping apps in November 2011 grew by 213 percent compared to 2010.

Advertisers increased their CPM spends by 33 percent during Black Friday and 49 percent during Cyber Monday

Location also proved to be an essential tool on Cyber Monday with location-based campaign rates on Cyber Monday increasing seven times.

Velti also found that New York, Los Angeles and Dallas experienced the highest impressions on iPhone shopping apps over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Mobile impact
According to Compuware, Cyber Monday proved to be more impactful than Black Friday.

The company’s Gomez Performance Satisfaction Index Scores found that JC Penney and Apple held their positions from Black Friday.

Macy’s snuck into the No. 3 spot – the company was No. 5 on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday provided the lowest aggregate top 50 Gomez Performance Satisfaction Index scores of the four days at 34.53 – including Black Friday, per Compuware.

Response time for top 50 was 10.049 seconds – up 21 percent from baseline.

Additionally, response time for top 10 was 8.269 seconds – up 14 percent from baseline.

According to Compuware, Cyber Monday provided the lowest aggregate top 10 GPSI scores of the four days at 44.79.

JC Penney, Apple and Macy’s were the top three Web performers of the Top 10  retailers, respectively.

“Cyber Monday turned out to be a huge success for retailers breaking the record for the most ecommerce sales ever,” said Jonathan Ranger, director of benchmarks at Compuware, Detroit. “In addition, mobile shopping really made its mark with smartphones and tablets boosting Cyber Monday sales.

“Holiday shoppers no longer sit in their home or office in front of a desktop computer,” he said. “They are on-the-go, even making purchases on their phones while browsing in bricks-and-mortar stores.

According to Mr. Ranger, the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, combined with expanding choices for mobile payments, are transforming the online buying experience, accelerating the pace and creating more ease and accessibility for consumers.

“Overall, leading retailers fared better with their mobile sites than their Web sites,” Mr. Ranger said. “Cyber Monday had an impact on performance satisfaction for the top 10 retailers.

“While Cyber Monday sales numbers were impressive, retailers will be expected to find ways to keep up momentum and reach out to mobile shoppers as the season progresses,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York