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Patriot Place offers discounts and rewards via mobile challenges

The company partnered with SCVNGR for the mobile initiative. Patriot Place will begin the holiday kick-off event on Nov. 27 at the CBS Scene Restaurant & Bar and Tech Superpowers.

“Users are doing challenges and unlocking rewards such as free admission to our outdoor skating rink, said Brian Earley, general manager at Patriot Place. “They’re also sharing those activities on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging others to come to Patriot Place and participate. ”

“Patriot Place has a Web site, a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, and more than 30,000 subscribers to our weekly newsletter,” he said. “We also utilize digital LED signage throughout the development, and certain stores, restaurants and attractions will advertise their SCVNGR challenges in their spaces.

“There is no doubt that visitors here will know that they can play SCVNGR.”

SCVNGR is a game users can play on their iPhone or Android device.

Patriot Place features a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options, including large and boutique retailers, 16 casual to high-end restaurants and other nightlife venues.

Mobile challenges
Many Patriot Place shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, including Bass Pro Shops, Eastern Mountain Sports and CBS Scene Restaurant & Bar have signed up to participate in the Patriot Place/SCVNGR partnership and rewards promotion.

User who want to participate in the mobile challenges can go to the participating stores, check-in, earn points and unlock rewards.

In addition, users can share their rewards activity via Facebook and Twitter.

Rewarding consumers
Patriot Place is not the only company using SCVNGR to engage users.

Robert Mondavi Winery recently partnered with SCVNGR to reward consumers with prizes ranging from VIP vineyard tours to complimentary wine tastings by having them check-in and participate in mobile challenges (see story).

Hot Topic is offering discounts and free goods by asking consumers to complete in-store mobile challenges during the month of October (see story).

Additionally, National Geographic is rewarding via mobile challenges to encourage visitors to several of its branded properties (see story).

“Right now we’re focusing on SCVNGR, but we also utilize Facebook and Twitter to alert customers to deals and unique opportunities as they arise,” Mr. Earley said. “We try to introduce an element of fun to the shopping experience, so the more we can engage and interact with our customers, especially when they are on site, the better.”

Final Take