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Parkmobile expands pay-by-phone parking to Nashville, TN

Parkmobile USA Inc. is working with Premier Parking to save consumers time and let them pay for parking via their mobile devices in various Nashville locations.

Consumers can either use an application to pay for parking or call a number to pre-pay.. In addition, consumers can access the company’s mobile-optimized site to pay for parking.

“Transportation and mobile are a part of everyday life,” said Laurens Eckelboom, executive vice president of sales at Parkmobile, Nashville, TN.

“Our goal has always been to create a complete consumer package with parking services and mobile plays an important part of that,” he said.

Parkmobile is a mobile payment solution focused on on- and off-street parking, digital parking permits and real-time enforcement. Parkmobile is available in more than 250 locations.

Quick payments
Consumers can access Parkmobile’s mobile offerings by signing up for a membership on the  company’s Web site.

Consumers can then download the app, which is available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.

When customers pull into  a designated Premier Parking lot, they can  punch in a zone number into the app and  then select the amount of time they would like to park their car for.

Additionally, consumers can  call a 1-800 phone number – another payment option.

“We’ve seen a significant change in the number of our clients using our mobile products instead of our other products,” Mr. Eckelboom said.

“In particular, we’ve seen that mobile apps are the sweet spot with transactions because it’s where consumers are spending the most time and making transactions,” he said.

Small changes
Parkmobile is seeing the advantage of offering mobile payments to consumers.

The company’s mobile sites and apps not only save consumers time, but also give consumers a more convenient option for paying for their parking.

“We believe that we can add confidence to consumers with smaller mobile payments,” Mr. Eckelboom said.

“NFC is becoming the standard for mobile payments, so our goal is to spread awareness for it by having payment terminals up and running in as many locations as possible,” he said.

“In the next year, I anticipate we will see more interaction with more real-time and location-based services.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York