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PapayaMobile enables in-app purchasing, billing for Android developers

Mobile social network PapayaMobile has partnered with Zong, Billing Revolution and Adknowledge’s Super Rewards to offer a monetization platform for Android developers.

As a result of these partnership agreements, PapayaMobile now enables in-application purchases, support for various billing options and integration of advertising offers from Super Rewards. The growth of Google’s Android operating system forced PapayaMobile to take notice.

 “Android is a force that can’t be ignored, and although monetization is more difficult now, there is huge potential for monetization to pick up quickly,” said Paul Chen, director of business development at PapayaMobile, Menlo Park, CA. “That’s why it’s important for developers to put an Android strategy in place, because that wave is coming.

“Monetizing on Android is a hot topic right now, as Android apps have a much tougher time monetizing compared to iPhone,” he said. “We want to let developers in the Android community know, if theyt don’t want to go through the complexities of creating their own virtual currencies and setting up all of the billing channels to enable that, they can use our platform, which solves the huge monetization challenges for them.

“The partnerships with Billing Revolution, Zong and Adknowledge’s Super Rewards are intended to help app developers monetize their Android apps and games more effectively.”

PapayaMobile is an open mobile social network for Android focused on casual gaming and virtual currency.

Zong is a mobile payments platform for sellers of digital goods and services that offers carrier billing and payment via card networks.

Merchants use Billing Revolution’s single-click checkout service to offer a mobile-optimized purchase experience, letting users conduct credit card purchases without a user name or password requirement.

Adknowledge operates an advertiser marketplace at Adknowledge’s Super Rewards is a provider of monetization services for online games and social networks.

PapayaMobile courts Android developers
PapayaMobile’s partnership with Zong gives developers who wish to implement Papaya’s virtual currency system access to carrier billing in 40 countries and more than 200 carriers.

Additionally, the partnership with Billing Revolution provides an additional channel for billing in the form of single-click checkout for credit card transactions from any mobile phone.

These two partnerships enable developers to leverage Papaya’s virtual currency system and implement in-app purchasing capability through its Social SDK system.

Developers will no longer have to deal with the complexities of creating their own virtual currency and billing channels.

PapayaMobile has also partnered with Adknowledge to provide thousands of targeted advertising offers within the Offer SDK system.

Adknowledge’s Super Rewards enables developers to inject revenue into an application by letting users complete offers in exchange for virtual coins, goods or points.

With this new partnership, Papaya is adding a comprehensive ad network in the Android social gaming space and will provide developers a means to monetize advertising offers.

Currently, there are more than 2,000 new offers in Papaya’s Offer SDK system.

“We want to provide the most diversified revenue channels as possible for developers, and Zong and Billing Revolution help with the sale of virtual goods within their applications,” Mr. Chen said.

“With regards to advertising, we’re letting Super Rewards place some of their offers on developers’ apps and games,” he said. “An offer is a nonintrusive way to advertise.

“Super Rewards has various real-world offers that users can click on in exchange for virtual currency or goods.”