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Papa Murphy’s puts new spin on phone-in pizza orders

The chain caters to parents and consumers looking for help with dinner plans that do not want to spend a lot and its latest app launch is a continuation of this goal. The mobile ordering app allows users to view Papa Murhpy’s locations in their area and place orders conveniently while on the go.

“Our mission has always been to solve the dinnertime dilemma by offering fresh, high quality options that moms and dads can feel good about serving their families,” said Jayson Tipp, chief development officer and senior vice president, technology at Papa Murphy’s. “The new app is another way for us to achieve this.

“The new app makes dinnertime easy, with the ability choose a popular item or create your own custom pizza from the crust to the toppings in just a few simple steps,” he said. “Reordering a recent favorite can be done in seconds.”

Order up
Papa Murphy’s is appealing to its constantly on-the-move consumer by allowing users of its new mobile app to quickly order popular items, create their own or reorder previous purchases. Upon opening the app, users are served a list of nearby locations to choose from where they can pick up their orders.

The app integrates a native calling feature as well as ordering and a GPS service, to make it faster and easier to find locations. Users can quickly press Order Now to pickup previous orders, which comes in handy for return customers.

The retailer also picks up on the closest location to the user and incorporates that into the Order Now button as well. Users can continue swiping to see its list of popular menu items, an addition which helps Papa Murphy’s drive impulse sales.

Facebook and Twitter integration is also incorporated into the app to help drive promotion through recommendations. The introduction allows for users to seamlessly post about their purchases, acting as a personal endorsement, which is known to be more effective in promotion than marketing advertisements.

The platform will allow Papa Murhpy’s to gain more insights into its customer’s behavior and demographic information. This will allow the merchant to serve more products, innovations and marketing that is more likely to be successful and what customers are interested in.

Mobile pizza pickup
The pizza chain also recently stepped up efforts to integrate mobile with in-store promotions via more personalized text alerts and incentivized calls to action at more than 1,400 locations (see more).

Similarly, Chicago’s Zoom Pizza Factory integrated proximity-based targeting in a new mobile ordering app that begins the custom pizza creation process before customers walk into the restaurant (see more).

“As a growing brand, we are constantly listening to our customers and making improvements to better meet their needs,” Mr. Tipp said. “We understand that our customers, mainly busy moms and dads, are continually on the go.

“Our app improves the customer ordering experience for users on the go in several ways, easier re-ordering, faster in-store service, and a quick, easy experience for ordering on-the-go,” he said. “We believe the simplicity of the app will resonate well with our customers and make ordering fresh pizza and even easier decision.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily