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Pageonce debuts iPhone app helping consumers track payments and bills

Consumers can use the application visualize spending trends and better manage their finances. The Pageonce Bills application is available for free in the App Store.

“Pageonce Bills is the only service available that allows users to view their bill statement directly on the phone and receive real time alerts when bills are due,” said Guy Goldstein, CEO of Pageonce, San Francisco.

“There is a revolution in the smartphone industry – more and more users are accessing their essential information from the phone, including email, calendar, tasks, news and weather,” he said. “As a result consumers are looking to manage their personal finance on the phone as well.

“They are looking to access their financial account anytime anywhere.”

Pageonce is a mobile personal finance service.

On time payments
Users can download the application and enter their account information for their credit cards, utility and service providers and bank loans.

Bill statements and account updates are then pushed to the user’s iPhone without them having to enter anything manually.

Here is a screen grab of the application:

“The only service provides spending analysis and keeping the information over time,” Mr. Goldstein said. “For example a user can watch his spending over time for the credit card bill, phone bill and others.

“We’re running advertisements and targeted promotions,” he said. “We will help users save money by offering better plans on their bills.”

Here is another screen grab of the application:

Consumers can also receive alerts before bills are due and track their payments over time to see how they spend their money.

“Pageonce Bills will go live on Android in couple of weeks,” Mr. Goldstein said. “Also, there will be new advanced financial features, including money saving recommendation is due in Q3.”