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PacSun aims to increase sales via in-store iPad implementation

The company tapped Global Bay to use its mobile retail software. The company is using the in-store iPad app for 300 stores nationwide, with plans to deploy an additional 100 stores during the course of 2011.

“We chose to integrate iPads into the store experience because of the flexibility of the technology,” said Bill Bieluch, senior director of IT project delivery at PacSun. “Our iPad solution supports our sales associates on the floor by allowing them to fulfill orders through ecommerce when we are out of stock of a specific item, without requiring them to take a customer to a fixed terminal at the register.

“This effectively reduces walkouts and potentially lost revenue, which has so far been very successful,” he said. “Global Bay’s iPad solution allows us to easily integrate the iPad application to our current and future store systems, and it also supports new functionality.

“Additionally, the applications have multiple uses. For instance, we use them after hours and off hours for distribution of relevant and up to date content for product as well as training material distribution and access to our portal and email.”

Mobile sale
PacSun store associates are leveraging the iPad as a personalized selling tool for one-on-one assisted customer selling.

Through the iPad Retail App’s Look Book functionality and rich-media content, PacSun store associates are able to walk customers through different outfit combinations and suggest products based on the customer’s purchasing preferences.

Additonally, to eliminate missed sales due to out of stock items in the store, the company is using the iPad to place orders for customers via ecommerce on the spot.

“Deploying iPads in store allows us to bring the ‘cool factor’ and keep PacSun stores as the place to be at the mall, which is particularly appealing to our young customer base,” Mr. Bieluch said.

“Additionally the iPads allow us to maintain a consistent brand image and make the PacSun brand more accessible and affordable to our customers,” he said. “Because the iPad solution generates real ROI and was enthusiastically embraced by our employees, it has become a core part of how our store associates work with customers.”

Mobile bar codes
PacSun has also integrated QR codes into the app to deliver exclusive content directly to the smartphones of consumers who scan QR codes on the screen of the iPad.

“Word has been traveling fast,” said Jose Viera, senior director of IT infrastructure and support at PacSun. “Since the iPad solution is helping our store associates do their jobs better, we are seeing demand from the stores to get more iPads in the hands of employees.

“This is a very well-liked solution that has shown true ROI in terms of increased ecommerce sales when product is out of stock,” he said. “Our goal is to eventually roll out to all of our stores nationwide.”

“Mobility also helps us speed to market in many ways by enabling multiple channels to converge in the traditional mall store. Leveraging mobility as a platform will give us a competitive advantage.”