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OpinionLab offers clients customer feedback integration into mobile sites

The company is offering three methods for integrating its opt-in feedback service into mobile Web sites or applications. Additionally, OpinionLab is partnering with Usablenet to expand mobile device support.

“OpinionLab’s digital comment card methodology is the de facto standard across the industry for collecting real-time, page-specific customer feedback from Web sites,” said Rand Nickerson, CEO of OpinionLab, Highland Park, IL.

“The opt-in, open-ended nature of our tool uniquely qualifies us to collect customer ratings and comments from mobile platforms, so we are continuously expanding our proven system to better address accelerating mobile use,” he said.

“The real-time factor remains key to our strategy: feedback from mobile devices is collected, categorized, and available for reporting in real time, so companies can assess issues and progress based on streaming voice-of-customer data.”

OpinionLab provides real-time voice-of-customer (VOC) listening technologies.

Usablenet provides a mobile experience across devices, browsers, formats and technologies, regardless of the mobile site content and functionality

Mobile service
OpinionLab is offering several services for mobile devices, including mobile-optimized comment cards, VOC collection for mobile Web sites and an iPhone SDK that lets application developers integrate feedback collection into mobile applications.

The company claims that the VOC data flows into the same enterprise reporting suite that hundreds of the world’s top brands rely on for real-time feedback collection, interpretation, distribution and management.

“By teaming with Usablenet, OpinionLab expands the compatibility of its feedback tools to more mobile sites, better supporting improved customer centricity across all touch points,” Mr. Nickerson said.
“Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access the Internet and are already voicing their opinions through reviews, social media and other mobile-ready platforms,” he said.

“By capturing customer feedback from mobile touch points, companies encourage consumers to engage with them directly, improving goodwill and often eliminating customers’ need to address grievances in an open forum. 
Consumer feedback
The VOC service delivers customer feedback collection across all consumer touch points to support business intelligence, brand management and customer-experience optimization.

According to OpinionLab, the move to expand its mobile customer feedback represents an important innovation in its comment-collection methodology and has since expanded to include feedback collection from all digital and traditional touch points.

By capturing customer feedback from mobile touch points, companies encourage consumers to engage with their brands directly, improving customer relations.

“Traditional customer satisfaction measurement and survey tools don’t translate well to a mobile environment,” Mr. Nickerson said. “Our simple, opt-in digital comment-card methodology extends naturally to mobile.

“Mobile is an important area for us,” he said. “You can expect more exciting mobile innovations in the near future.”