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Ocean Spray taps mobile bar codes to deliver coupons

The company teamed up with SpyderLynk to use its mobile bar codes. The SnapTags will be featured on advertising materials at the events and consumers will be able to snap and send to get recipes using Ocean Spray products.

“Our strategic objective is to introduce as many consumers as we can to our brand and our products,” said Ken Romanzi, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Ocean Spray.

“The mobile tour brings the Ocean Spray experience to consumers via events we know they are interested in,” he said.
“Traditionally we’ve handed out over 5 million samples during the course of the mobile tour. Sampling on the mobile tour allows us to directly interact with our consumers and create a brand experience.

Ocean Spray is an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry growers in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and other parts of Canada as well as more than 50 Florida grapefruit growers.

SpyderLynk enables brands such as Coke Zero, Revlon, L’Oreal, MillerCoors, Warner Brothers, Toyota, Bud Light and others to engage consumers and accelerate purchase cycles.

Mobile tour
Ocean Spray is going to be visiting a variety of state fairs, festivals and other special events across the U.S.

Consumers can snap a photo of the Ocean Spray SnapTag and send it to short code 95871 or email it to [email protected].

Then, consumers can an SMS or email saying “Thank you for visiting Ocean Spray’s Mobile Sampling Tour! Here’s a recipe we thought you might enjoy: Pink Frosties.”

Consumers can scroll down to view the recipe.

Customers can also view more recipes and enter for a chance to receive exclusive coupons and offers from Ocean Spray by replying to the text with their email address.

“Mobile technology is constantly evolving and we’re testing out how we can leverage different technologies to connect with our consumers,” Mr. Romanzi said. “The SpyderLynk integration has allowed us to really amplify customer engagement and continue a productive dialog online after they visit us at the tour.

“The SnapTag featured on our tour representatives’ T-shirts allows users to bring their offline experience with the mobile tour online, and access additional content including recipes, product information, our Facebook page and more,” he said.

“This helps us to enrich consumers’ experience with the mobile tour with multimedia content that they can continue to engage with once they leave the tour bus.”

Mobile promotion
Ocean Spray is promoting the mobile tour in a variety of ways, such as Facebook and its Web site.

Consumers can visit us at—Promos/Events.aspx to find when we’ll be making a stop near them.

“The mobile tour differs from other Ocean Spray events in that it lets us directly interact with our consumers across the nation,” Mr. Romanzi said. “Visitors can sample products while learning about the tasty treats they’re enjoying from Ocean Spray brand ambassadors, as well as learning more about Ocean Spray’s rich history and heritage.

“The mobile tour has surpassed our set goals across the line; we determine this using a variety of metrics from number of samples given out to consumer feedback and number of people who tried our products after tasting samples on the tour,” he said.

“The mobile tour event provides us with instant feedback and has exceeded our expectations in customer engagement both at stops on the tour and through mobile technology that allows customers to interact with us well after they visited us on tour.”