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Newly merged Market America, drive commerce via mobile, social

Internet marketing and product brokerage company Market America is integrating with recently acquired comparison shopping site to create a new mobile social shopping destination. and are continuing to operate as separate Web sites for the time being through the transition period. The acquisition combines’s online shopping technology and merchandising with Market America’s personal shopping platform, which includes a cash-back program.

Brands such as HP, Aeropostale, Amazing Clubs and have all offered deals via Market America’s mobile Web site and applications.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Dan Butcher interviewed Steve Ashley, vice president of Internet marketing at Market America, Greensboro, NC. Here is what he had to say:

What is Market America’s strategy behind the acquisition of and the launch of the apps for iPhone and Android?
Once fully integrated with, we take a huge leap in our technology and provide a constant stream of customers for

The integration of the mobile applications allows us to be accessible from anywhere, but the development of our WAP has allowed us to not just reach specific handhelds with the iPhone and Android apps, but also reach all handheld devices.

Our strategy is twofold—the first being short-term, which would be three-to-six months—this includes the integration of their partners in our cart.

The second is long-term and includes full integration of services from and Market America.

What is the target demographic of the apps?
Currently our demographic is the female population ages 25-55.

However, we are always looking for ways to expand our user base. We feel that we offer the best experience for anyone that wants to buy products at the best available price. 

How has Market America gotten the word out about the apps ?
Our business is run based on word-of-mouth marketing. We have used our distributor base to promote our mobile site and applications.

Market America is currently selling in six countries. However, our applications have been downloaded in 35-plus countries.

What is the in-app payment mechanism?
PCI-compliant credit-card processing. This is the most flexible and safe option for our customers

How can mobile enhance a multichannel digital strategy that also include online and social? When it comes to mobile, the vast majority of usage is social networks.

This allows us to reach the largest user base of mobile applications, and tap into an in unfulfilled market with social shopping.

We have a social shopping site called MA Network that we are developing for mobile.