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New GoldSpot exec reveals app monetization strategy

GoldSpot Media’s miApp platform is a Web-based drag and drop design studio for creating applications and interactive ad campaigns and deploying them across multiple mobile applications stores simultaneously. The miApp dynamic application framework helps publishers simplify application creation by eliminating mobile device-specific application development and campaign creation costs, letting them focus on driving application downloads.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Dan Butcher interviewed Mr. Braun. Here is what he had to say:

You were most recently with Agent M, a mobile analytics company launched by The Hyperfactory.  What attracted you to GoldSpot Media?
GoldSpot Media is about to inject new life into the mobile marketing arena with a new solution that is unlike anything advertisers have seen before. 

I saw this as an opportunity to use my expertise in mobile marketing and my relationships with publishers, marketers and carriers to lead the video advertising revolution in mobile apps and across mobile web sites. 

I’m very impressed with what GoldSpot has achieved with mobile video technology — in particular, creating a new form of rich media for mobile advertising, with true mobile video advertising and content delivery. 

GoldSpot’s cross-platform technology really simplifies the process of converting video assets and then deploying them inside mobile apps, mobile websites and across the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Brew OS’s. 

Time is money and by eliminating the laborious and time-consuming process of making video assets deployable across all those mobile OS’s, GoldSpot is a great option for publishers, advertisers and developers.

You mentioned a new offering for marketers.  Can you tell us about that?
InterADtive is a mobile video advertising network in which mobile video ads can run inside the apps, providing a more differentiated and compelling presentation compared to search, banner or display mobile ads. 

It’s an established fact that video is the most engaging form or media today. By giving publishers, agencies and brands the ability to deliver compelling video ads and content to the customer and visitor, we all win. 

We believe that 2010 is the year for mobile video ads and content.  Greater engagement levels when compared to conventional mobile ads, results in higher value with greater response levels than plain banners or display. 

Mobile apps are gaining in popularity every day, and three out of four apps are free to the consumer.  How can app developers start monetizing their apps?
GoldSpot helps developers maximize their app’s revenue potential by allowing them to place mobile video ads inside their apps and across all mobile OS’s. 

GoldSpot offers app developers the ability to generate higher revenues by not being limited to lower value banner CPMs. 

We want to help publishers and developers make their mobile sites and apps as sticky as possible.  Mobile video, properly executed, can make for a more compelling consumer experience and draw those consumers back time and time again.

What advertiser is not looking for more efficient ways to connect, engage and re-engage with an audience?  GoldSpot Media enables that process.

Mobile marketing is finally showing some momentum, though there are a number of ad networks out there.  What does InterADtive offer advertisers that others don’t?There are a number of major advantages. The GoldSpot Media technology delivers a consistently high-quality mobile video ad experience over any carrier network and on any type of mobile device. 

We take a client’s high-quality video ad or content, and guarantee it will be displayed with the same quality level as the brand’s without compromising the user experience.  

Existing mobile ad networks, on the other hand, take high-quality video ads from a brand and then re-encode it to play for different bit rates, depending on whether the device is tuned for an EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi network.

Brands spend significant amounts of money to create high-quality video ads, and technology limitations that reduce the quality of their ad are not acceptable to them. This is a big differentiator for GoldSpot

The GoldSpot Media technology also delivers campaigns across non-connected devices such as off-line devices such as the iPod Touch and iPad with the same high quality. This is because we can render and download ads and place them on the device while it’s connected, then show the ads when the user is offline. We see this as a big opportunity for growth.

Another significant differentiator is the flexibility we provide to app developers to render the video ads along side content within apps. This will allow the developer to choose the right ad format and placement for their content, which can be blended with the overall consumer experience.

With the advent of new devices being custom built for media consumption, such as the iPad, the flexibility of ad rendering becomes paramount for publishers to monetize their content without annoying the users.

In a nutshell, we bring a compelling technology to market for any mobile device that can do all the good stuff Flash has been doing for the PC today.

How do you plan to compete with the big ad networks?
Obviously it’s always a challenge as a small, young company, but if you look at a side-by-side comparison of their video ad experience versus ours, we believe our product speaks for itself.  We intend to aggressively target the brand/publisher/carrier communities and showcase the power and potential of our video network.

And finally, our 20+ patent applications that cover the whole gamut of device-based ad serving will serve us well in the future.