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Nationwide Insurance lets consumers process claims via mobile app


Nationwide Insurance is letting consumers start the claims process and collect and exchange accident information via an Android application. 

In addition to launching the application, the company also enhanced its mobile Web site. The application is available in the Android Marketplace as a free download and there is also a version for Apple’s iPhone.  

“We want to make the most popular sales and service functionality that is available on our Web site accessible for smartphone users,” said Mike Switzer, spokesman for Nationwide, Columbus, OH. “We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for customers to interact with Nationwide through whatever channel they choose, whether that be in person, online or via smartphones. 

“We know that Android and iPhone are the most common platforms customers are using to access, and the most popular mobile Web-browsing devices sold,” he said. “Making our app, which was previously available for iPhone, now accessible to Android users, made sense. 

“There are moments of truth when customers really need us and this app makes that process easy and convenient, as most people have their phone with them when they are in their car.” 

The Nationwide application provides consumers with the tools they need following a car accident.

Mobile side
Nationwide customers can use the application to access their account information and begin an insurance claim process after a car accident. 

Additionally, consumers can make emergency calls and store their insurance information for easy lookup. 

“We’ve observed Android’s rapid rise in popularity among consumers making it one of the top two mobile platforms,” Mr. Switzer said. “We’ve also noted a 5 percent increase in visits to from mobile devices, so we are working hard to make sure this content is as accessible as possible.” 

The application helps connect users with towing comapnies and locates a Nationwide agent near them. 

In addition, consumers can take accident photos upload them to the application and record details of the accident, as well as use the flashlight function. 

“We want to make it easy for customers to interact with Nationwide through whatever channel they choose,” Mr. Switzer said. “We know there is a growing desire on the part of many customers to interact with Nationwide through their mobile device.”