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Myxer drives wallpaper downloads via new LBS Android app

Myxer, a consumer destination for mobile entertainment content, has launched GeoPix, a new application for Android handsets that brings geo-location technology to wallpaper images.

Whether consumers are headed to work, class, a concert or a sporting event, they can choose a physical location for an image they want as their mobile wallpaper, and then have it appear as they arrive at their destination. Users can set a location by sliding their finger around a map or typing in their address.

“While mobile personalization content is being downloaded at a staggering pace, we feel the next innovation with personalization content—ringtones and wallpapers—will take the demand to an even higher level,” said Steve Spiro, vice president of marketing at Myxer, Deerfield Beach, FL.

“We loved working with the Android platform and the Android team on this unique, fun application that combines our massive library of wallpapers with their geo-location technology,” he said. “Android is the fastest growing operating system on Myxer, so there is tremendous overlap in the core demographic.”

Myxer features a catalog of ringtones, wallpapers, videos, applications and games that are either pay-per-download or free and ad-supported or branded. For advertisers, Myxer offers a variety of offerings across the wired and mobile Web, including the ability to deliver branded content.

“All of our brands/artists who have wallpaper images in our 3-million-item catalog are offering their content via GeoPix,” Mr. Spiro said. “We are actively talking to a number of advertisers at this time.”

GeoPix all about location
GeoPix makes use of Android’s geo-location and background-services technologies to monitor a phone’s physical location.

The application also features a variety of options including the ability to save any number of locations, as well as allowing users to search and choose images either from their phone or Myxer’s catalog of wallpapers.

To download GeoPix for free, users can search for GeoPix on their Android phone or text the keyword GEOPIX to the short code 69937, “MYXER.”

The GeoPix application is free to download, and 95 percent of Myxer’s wallpapers are available at no charge and can be pulled from the GeoPix application. In addition, people can use their own photos for free.

Myxer also provides premium wallpapers that sell for $0.49 or $0.99. If consumers want to download those, they can add them to their personal wallpaper folder for use within the application as well.

“We are actively promoting the app to all Android users on both the Myxer Web and mobile Web—and with such a large base of Android users among our 34 million users, we believe we will get significant usage of the app,” Mr. Spiro said.

“Based on the amount of positive feedback we’ve received, we feel we have a good chance at becoming a featured app through the Android team’s selection process,” he said.