Mobile Commerce Daily is now Retail Dive: Mobile Commerce! Click here to learn more! enables gift-giving via mobile bar codes lets users add any item to their gift registries with a scan of a bar code via their iPhone. Users can instantly add an item as they come across it without having to be near a computer.

“Our new iPhone application brings all of the convenient features of,” said Nancy Lee, president of, Fort Lee, NJ. “The application lets you add gifts from all your favorite stores on to one cohesive and easy-to-use platform.

“It broadens the way that people can create their gift registry by using advanced bar-code-scanning technology,” she said. “The world becomes a virtual department store when you can scan the bar code of any item you want from any store to add to your wish list or gift registry and have it added to that gift list on the spot.” provides its members with the ability to add items from any store, online or not, onto a multichannel platform.

Gift that keeps giving
The application provides users with registry tools. 

Several features include the ability to compare prices before adding a new registry item, manage user’s own registry item and view guest purchases, scan any bar code to easily register for an item.

Additionally, users can send customizable ecards and give and receive cash gifts.

Here is a screen grab of the bar code feature:

“Our motto is all stores, one registry,” Ms. Lee said. “Our members until now have been able to create their gift registries online by adding items from any store in the world with one click on a button placed on their computer browser.

“Sometimes people want to touch and feel the products that they choose for their gift registry,” she said. “Others see things in a store and then have to remember until they get to a computer.

“This application offers a fun and simple solution and allows customers to see products in stores and instantly scan its bar code and add them to their gift registry.” hopes that in the future the iPad will have a camera, which will then make it possible to create an iPad application.

The marketing for this product has been implemented via ads in magazine articles for the wedding and pregnancy/maternity industries.

“This is for anyone who wants to always get the perfect gift by keeping a wish list or creating a gift registry,” Ms. Lee said. “’s customers are primarily brides and expecting families, but many of our customers use their registries for birthdays and graduations, Christmas and other gift giving occasions.

“This application gives our members immediate gratification to scan, compare prices and either buy, share with a friend or add items that they see directly on to their gift list for others to purchase for them in the future,” she said.

“Keeping an easily accessible, all-purpose gift lists makes shopping easier for your family and friends when they need to buy something for you.”