Mobile Commerce Daily is now Retail Dive: Mobile Commerce! Click here to learn more! selects security service to protect consumer credit card information

The service is a software protection system that guards a consumer’s data and protects it from fraudulent Web sites while the user browses the Internet. Currently, the service is available for application integration, as well as a stand-alone software download for mobile devices.

“Our strategy is to protect the user’s credit card information, as well as any other private information they submit, from interception,” said Jennifer Borun, chief marketing officer at Network Intercept, Los Angeles.

“The Secure-Me platform is also the only solution to secure mobile computing across multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian,” she said. “If an application wants to expand their customer base and enable access from users on multiple devices, then they need a security solution that can expand with them.

“You can’t tell a user they are not secure because they chose the wrong phone.” creates interactive menu applications, letting patrons place to-go orders via their handsets.

Network Intercept  is an Internet security company.

Mobile security
The service integrates into the restaurant application and compresses data to accelerate browsing.

Users can download the application and any communications are automatically secured, per Ms. Borun.

Additionally, the service is available as a standalone application for mobile end-users.

“I think that mobile commerce is changing the way people use their mobile devices just as the Internet changed the way people shop and pay bills,” Ms. Borun said. “The fact that we can get information, do business, or shop online from anywhere is amazing.   

“Improvements to mobile computing have expanded communications from voice to data and have enabled people to actually do business, browse the Web, or shop anytime and anywhere,” she said. “A user can pay a bill or engage in an eBay bidding war while walking down the street.

“This freedom has unchained users from their desktops, laptops, and even internet hotspots.

The service creates an encrypted that protects information that the user sends or receives.

According to the company, the application uses a hardware and software compression algorithm to reduce bandwidth usage and increase Web browsing speeds.

“Secure-Me users will recognize faster downloads and accelerated Web browsing when using the browser,” Ms. Borun said. “This secure mobile computing solution works on 3G, 4G and WiFi and it will not slow down the mobile device in any way.

“We are also working with several banks to secure their mobile Web applications,” she said.