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Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Mosaic Legends drive content sales via mobile

Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC and digital media company Mosaic Legends LLC have unveiled a multi-platform homage to the life of boxing legend Muhammad Ali that includes commerce-enabled applications.

The new Muhammad Ali applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPad are made up of 3,200 classic images of the legendary athlete and activist’s life, containing an unprecedented amount of data, ranging from quotes and facts to a historical timeline of Ali’s career within each click-through image in the mosaic. 

“There are few figures in sports or entertainment who have a larger name or face recognition than Ali,” said Jonathan Schweiger, executive vice president at Mosaic Legends, New York.

“We wanted to start our sports outreach with a name that crossed generations, yet still may not be as well known for all his accomplishments by a younger group today, and Ali was the natural choice,” he said.

Mosaic Legends is focused on turning digital assets into marketable consumer products and services.

Leveraging mosaic artist Craig Adam’s interactive mosaic technology, the company enables content creators to use their multimedia assets and engage their audience across mobile, Web and print applications.

Muhammad Ali Enterprises, a subsidiary of CKX Inc., is a California-based limited liability company. MAE is involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, television, film, video and Internet projects.

Muhammad Ali content on multiple platforms
The Muhammad Ali mosaic has launched as an iPhone application and a high-definition iPad eBook, as well as fine art prints, and is being offered to fans using Mosaic Legends’ “Mobile, Web, Print, Go” platform.  

There is no person who has had a more significant impact on the history of sports and popular culture than Muhammad Ali, per Mosaic Legends.

The applications are designed to detail his extraordinary career to millions of fans and admirers worldwide.

Mosaic Legends’ applications encapsulate Ali’s career though thousands of hand-picked images and present them as one mosaic image and as individual pieces of facts, giving users a chance to revisit their favorite moments of his amazing life.

Mosaic Legends collaborated with MAE and David Zirin, author of “The Muhammad Ali Handbook,” to identify in great detail the key moments, of Ali’s life, both in and out of the ring.

Each image was then matched up with accompanying text, which reveals itself when tapped in the applications.

The individual images combine to give the viewer one iconic mosaic image of an Ali pose in the ring, while fans can enjoy tapping on the smaller images to zoom in for greater detail and information such as the hype surrounding the fight, the play by play for each round and the eventual fight outcome. 

Mosaic Legends has combined the mosaic concept with the ability to animate zooming in and focus on each tile photo so that fans can view thousands of images and accompanying text. 

Their digital publishing platform simplifies the application-building process and lets content creators to enter photographs, text, audio and video through its Web-based interface.

This platform enables Mosaic Legends to bring new products to market in a relatively short period of time. 

This launch is the first in what will be a series of Mosaic Legends mobile and print platforms in sports, and follows the work that has already been done in music and media with artists such as David Bowie and the Grateful Dead and for properties like The American Museum of Natural History Dinosaurs and Cosmic Discovery projects, Essence Magazine’s 40th Anniversary retrospective and the Toyota-sponsored 2010 Winter Olympic Web mosaics.

“The images and text selected tell his story frame by frame and unlike many other iconic figures, are not bound by the limits of just his sport,” Mr. Schweiger said. “It was a great starting point for what we will be doing next.”

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