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Motek Mobile taps Billing Revolution to enable off-deck purchasing

Using off-deck mobile payments company Billing Revolution’s technology, Motek Mobile will have access to a secure single-click payment option that lets consumers buy games, applications, ringtones and other mobile entertainment content using their Web-enabled mobile phone. Billing Revolution will handle the processing and payment of transactions on the back-end and will provide a CRM platform for Motek.

“For phase one, Motek plans on educating consumers about this method of payment using the viral components they build into their applications such as share with a friend and notification alerts,” said Colin Pilsner, chief operating officer of Motek Mobile, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

“The second phase will include an HTML storefront for Web-based discovery,” he said. “Motek also promotes its content directly to carriers and portals.”

Since 2002, Motek Mobile has been providing carriers, content providers, brands and traditional media companies with a suite of turnkey mobile content and cross-media technology services.

Motek Mobile designs and markets downloadable content and software for mobile phones.

The company has a production studio for applications, themes, ringtones, wallpapers, animated screensavers and ringback tones for mobile consumers.

Motek’s presence extends across North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

The company has direct relationships with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility and Virgin Mobile, with distribution partners that cover most of the other major wireless network operators including Sprint Nextel and AT&T Wireless.

Brands that Motek works with exclusively include Volcom, Skechers, Tila Tequila, World Industries, Shaw Brothers Kung Fu and Choppers Inc.

Mobile consumers using Billing Revolution’s mobile commerce payment platform can conduct single-click credit-card transactions, manage subscriptions and perform cancellations from their handset.

Billing Revolution’s technology currently works across all Web-enabled handsets and carriers and accepts payments in more than 150 currencies worldwide.

“Billing Revolution addresses various challenges for Motek, helping it sell content on the mobile Web without the hassle of an extensive approval processes, while offering a larger percentage of revenue [than carrier billing],” said Andy Kleitsch, CEO of Billing Revolution, Seattle.

“The advantages of Billing Revolution’s off-deck solution include single-click purchase capabilities, higher payout rates and no need for an extensive approval process,” he said.

“Motek Mobile has a vast amount of great content, and the integration of our technology into their direct to consumer app store means they can now sell this content off-deck and take advantage of their viral SDK, resulting in a huge increase in revenue from these transactions.”

Time to market was also an important consideration, as was avoiding revenue-sharing agreements with the carriers.

“Billing Revolution’s service enables Motek to start selling immediately, avoiding the very long lead times and onerous business terms included in  typical operator-based billing and distribution agreements,” said Mike Dulong, senior vice presdeint of business development at Billing Revolution.

“Mobile Merchants have more leverage and many more distribution and billing options today than in previous years,” he said. “This is no longer an industry that is reliant upon the operators’ approval to conduct commerce.

“The open-access environment is here to stay and now that the ship has left the harbor, there is no turning back the clock to 2003.”