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Mobile Spinach introduces mobile coupons that never expire

The Discount for Life service gives businesses in the United States a new marketing channel that reaches consumers and shoppers when they are on the go. The offers are also available on several mobile social networking sites, including Loopt.

“Discount for Life is a customer loyalty program specifically designed to help small merchants hook up with customers that really want to have a long relationship together,” said John Vitti, chief marketing officer and cofounder of Mobile Spinach, San Francisco.

“Local merchants need a mechanism to get more repeat business in their doors instead of people coming in to take advantage of one deal and never coming back,” he said.

Mobile deals
Users can opt-in for the program on the Mobile Spinach Web site and enter their ZIP code. Discounts and offers from merchants nearby are sent directly to their handsets.

Consumers can choose to limit the type of deals they receive, as well as the number of offers sent to their handset each day.

Additionally, merchants can now run mobile marketing campaigns and target their offers down to specific ZIP codes in order to reach shoppers that are close by.

Businesses can choose the type of discount they want to offer, how many deals they want to send out, the length of the promotion and the ZIP codes they would like to distribute its mobile offer.

“The first 100 people to enter the establishment and use the Mobile Spinach deal, will get the deal or discount for life,” Mr. Vitti said. “This motivates the public to come in immediately if they really want to have a lasting relationship with the restaurant or bar, which then creates an emotional attachment.”

Coupons for life
The company is currently testing the program in New York and San Francisco.

Users can sign up and fill out a profile that determines the type of deals they would like to receive.

Consumers can get deals in several categories, including shopping, travel, dining and food, arts and music, and gyms and spas.

“It’s easy to track and cool,” Mr. Vitti said. “People rarely lose their cell phone compared to a business card size punch card. 

“Plus, I think this is more of a motivator as people will get deals every time they spend, rather than having to spend the full amount every time and then only the 10th visit or purchase gets them a discount,” he said. “Mobile Spinach is pushing these deals out via SMS, WAP, email.”