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Mobile shopping sales volume to reach $9B in 2011: study

A new study from InMobi reveals that mobile Internet users would rather shop using a mobile device than a personal computer or laptop.

InMobi surveyed 15,000 mobile users in 14 countries about their shopping habits. Responses indicated that mobile shopping is already commonplace among a significant number of Americans, with 74 million  consumers in the United States out of the total pool of 310 million consumers currently shopping on their mobile phone.

“The really key finding is that mobile is going to cannibalize PC consumption,” said James Lamberti, vice president of global research and marketing at InMobi, San Mateo, CA. “This will have a big impact on marketers as they begin to leverage mobile in a way they aren’t doing today.”

InMobi is a global mobile advertising network.

Among consumers already using the mobile Internet, 49 percent prefer shopping in stores while 35 percent are comfortable shopping with their mobile devices and only 16 percent prefer shopping from their PC or laptop, per the study.

Results also point to significant growth in the U.S. mobile shopping market as more consumers purchase smartphones and adopt the mobile Internet.

Mobile shopping takes off
InMobi predicts U.S. mobile shopping  sales volume will reach $9 billion in 2011. This is a big jump compared with 2010, when sales topped out at $2.4 billion. In 2009, mobile shopping volume was a mere $1.2 billion.

The most popular purchases from mobile devices in the U.S. are mobile content/games, with 42 percent of respondents having made a purchase in this category using a device.

Nineteen percent of consumer said they buy electronics via their mobile phone, apparel accounted for 15 percent, entertainment tickets was at 13 percent and travel at 12 percent.

In addition, 63 percent of respondents said their mobile shopping experience was positive.

“Consumers are way ahead of marketers when it comes to mobile,” Mr. Lamberti said. “Thirty to 40 percent of Americans are accessing the mobile Web on a monthly basis and that number will double over the next couple of years.

“Marketers need to understand this and look for ways to influence this shopping behavior,” he said.

“Those that have gone in early have an amazing competitive advantage with consumers.”

Final Take
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