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Mobile Minutes: Verizon’s supercookies; Super Bowl mobile video game ads; 3D medical apps; Useful wearables

Verizon plans to make it easier for customers to opt out of its controversial “super cookie” identifier that tracks smart phone users’ Web surfing behavior.
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This year’s Super Bowl video game ads were all mobile
If you don’t count the Budweiser PacMan spot, every video game advertised in Super Bowl XLIX was a mobile title.
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3D medical apps ease anxiety, hasten healing for surgical patients
New 3-D medical education applications designed for mobile platforms like the iPhone and Android devices, are changing the way surgical specialists educate patients about upcoming operations, easing their anxiety, and, possibly hastening healing.
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The future of wearables isn’t a connected watch
Wearables are about to explode into an array of novel, single-function devices. They will suit discrete situations rather than peeling off multiple functions from your phone—it’s use-case engineering.
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