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Mobile Minutes: Tweets in Google search; Microsoft’s mobile obstacles; Adblock’s mobile browser; Credit card-sized phone

Apple, Android app makers cool to Microsoft overtures
Microsoft’s plan to make its new version of Windows a mobile hit by letting it accept tweaked Apple and Android apps has met an obstacle: some of the software developers the company needs to woo just aren’t interested.
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New mobile browser blocks ads automatically
Adblock Plus, maker of the world’s most downloaded ad-blocking browser extension, launched its own mobile browser on Wednesday. The German company says it wants to give people a way to block ads automatically when they surf the Web on their phones.
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These guys want to build a phone the size of a credit card
The credit card-sized prototype has modest ambitions. It can make phone calls, store up to 10 speed-dial numbers (entered through an app on your smartphone), and answer calls forwarded from your smartphone.
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