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Mobile Minutes: Smartphone-summoned public transportation; Stripe launches Relay; Salesforce and IoT; Tweet to donate

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.24.14 PMDriverless ‘pod’ paves way for smartphone-summoned transport
It’s more golf cart than VW Golf, but this self-driving two-seater “pod”  represents the cutting edge of the emerging British autonomous vehicle industry. The first electric Lutz Pathfinder, which is smaller than a Smart car, launched in Milton Keynes today before tests in pedestrianized areas at a top speed of 15 miles per hour.
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Stripe unveils Relay to make it easier to shop on mobile
Stripe wants to make it simpler to shop on mobile devices. The San Francisco start-up unveiled a new set of tools on Monday that allow businesses to sell products inside mobile apps such as Twitter.
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Salesforce seeks to organize ‘Internet of Things’
Silicon Valley is pushing sensors and computing power into everything from wearable devices to windmills. Now comes the harder part: making good use of the data from all those gadgets.
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Want to donate to a political candidate? Now there’s a tweet for that
Twitter Inc., which helped rewrite political discourse, is now venturing into the world of campaign finance, introducing a way for candidates to solicit donations through social media posts.
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