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Mobile Minutes: PayPal’s new start; US cable industry; Facebook shoppers; Starbucks in Britain

PayPal was making a splash on the corner of 43rd and Broadway this morning. Outside Nasdaq’s headquarters, the company was giving away coffee and donuts, and arranging for passers-by–mainly tourists on a sweltering July day–to have their picture plastered up on the stock exchange’s massive circular digital display.
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US cable industry campaign aims to boost mobile views
As consumers flock to streaming video services like Netflix, the cable industry has struggled to regularly attract customers to its own online viewing options. This summer, networks and distributors will unite in a marketing campaign to try and change that.
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Can Facebook turn its users into shoppers?
Evangelists have long touted the potential of bringing social media and commerce together, particularly when it comes to Facebook and its nearly one-and-a-half billion active monthly users. Now, according to reports, Facebook members will be able to make purchases through e-commerce shops within its pages without having to leave the site.
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Starbucks to launch mobile ordering as part of £30m technology drive
Starbucks, the coffee giant, is investing £30m on a technological revamp of its UK business to lure British caffeine-lovers back to its stores following a consumer backlash over its tax arrangements. The company, which provoked widespread anger in 2012 over its low British corporation tax payments, has since turned a profit in the UK and is now aiming to win back customers with a mobile ordering coffee service.
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