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Mobile Minutes: Nielsen and Facebook; NFL on Snapchat; Apple and tablets; Time Warner invests in Hulu

Nielsen next week will transform its ranking of TV shows generating the most activity on Twitter to a broader measure of social-media activity by adding the much larger Facebook, with eventual plans to incorporate Facebook’s Instagram photo-sharing service.
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Apple’s continued domination of a shrinking market
While the demand for tablet has slowed down over the last year, more consumers are turning to Apple and the iPad as they look for a larger-screened device. Because of this, Apple can influence the perception of tablets over the next year to entrench its position in this small part of the mobile ecosystem.
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Time Warner acquires 10pc stake in Hulu for $583M
Time Warner is taking a 10 percent stake in Hulu — joining existing owners Disney, 21st Century Fox and Comcast — and as part of the investment Turner will bring its cable networks to Hulu’s live-streaming TV service set to launch in 2017.
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