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Mobile Minutes: Instagram’s Boomerang; Walmart’s online struggles; Google cozies up to media; Stripe fuels mcommerce

How Walmart can start competing online
Walmart recently lost $20 billion in market cap in one day, in part because its leadership admitted it needs to invest more into its e-commerce operations. Walmart isn’t the only retailer struggling with selling on the web — most brick and mortar stores are, too.
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Google seeks common cause with media firms over ad blocking
Google says European media firms, often the search giant’s harshest industry critics, share a common threat because a surge in ad-blocking technology is a threat to all businesses dependent on advertising.
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How Stripe is helping fuel the mobile commerce boom
In the ongoing mobile commerce struggle to convert the flood of dedicated mobile users into actual paying customers, the most critical point in the process—and the most frustratingly fluid—is the point of sale (POS).
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