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Mobile Minutes: Google’s smart textiles; Apple’s iPhone quick fix; Windows 10 and mobile computing; Kik’s branded bots

shirt 185 (2)Google wants to make your shirt more like a smartphone
The Internet company’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, which spends its time on future-looking efforts, is working on Project Jacquard, a set of inventions that makes it possible to weave touch and gesture capabilities into textiles.
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Apple offers quick fix for iPhone messaging crash bug
Apple is offering a workaround for users affected by an iMessage bug that causes some iPhones to crash after receiving a specific string of characters via text message.
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In a shift toward greater mobility, Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 on July 29
The company said Monday that Windows 10 is designed with mobile computing in mind, allowing users to switch seamlessly between personal computers, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets.
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Why Kik’s young users have swapped 350 million texts – with bots
Brand bots are automated accounts that run on messaging services like Kik that “chat” one-on-one with thousands of human users. The bot marketing phenomenon has been gaining strength on messaging apps that skew towards younger users, like Kik and Tinder, which has an estimated 50 million monthly active users.
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