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Mobile Minutes: Facebook denies hack; Twitter predicts heart disease; Lyft app rebranding; Message apps still trending

Twitter can help to predict heart disease
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University and the University of Melbourne measured the negative emotions in tweets to build up a very accurate picture of heart disease risks in particular areas of the U.S.
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Lyft is completely overhauling its look, starting with its fuzzy pink mustaches
Lyft, which has expanded into more than 45 new US markets in the past year, is also rolling out a refurbished app, a new color palette, and new partnerships.
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Why apps for messaging are trending
Some publishers, game makers and e-commerce companies are using the apps as a new distribution and moneymaking platform. Developers have been expanding the uses of the apps, making new functions possible. And investors, seeing huge potential, have driven the apps to ever-higher valuations.
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