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Mobile Minutes: Facebook bets on lasers; Google pitches AI; Twitter verification; Phone charger sales surge

29403Facebook wants to use laser to deliver high-speed Internet
Facebook unveiled a new laser-based concept for high-speed internet that will bypass the need for dedicated wavelength spectra and government licenses that come with them. Published Tuesday in the journal Optica, the technique was developed by researchers at Facebook’s Connectivity Lab.
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Google uses AI to lure new cloud customers
Google is pitching its artificial-intelligence software to commercial customers in a bid to catch rivals in the increasingly lucrative business of renting its computer servers to other companies.
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Twitter’s latest change probably wouldn’t have helped Leslie Jones
Twitter is making it easier to become a “verified” user, but is stopping short of creating a system to tone down harassment across the social media platform.
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Phone charger sales are surging because of Pokemon Go
Electronics and smart-phone retailers are seeing a jump in sales of mobile charging equipment since Pokemon Go was released in the United States two weeks ago and are now looking for more ways to drive potential customers into stores through the wildly popular game.
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