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Mobile Minutes: Delta, smartphones, showrooming, commerce

Delta picks Microsoft for pilot tablets
Airline hopes 11,000 Surface 2s can replace heavy bundles of books, maps pilots carry, according to USA Today.
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Smartphones may hold retail’s golden marketing chip
In the past month I’ve written here about the mobile payments race as well as retailer’s risk of invading consumer privacy by tracking them via their phones. Well, it turns out that the technology I believe will lose the former race may well turn out to be the winner in the latter. There are big implications here, especially for Thousand Pound Gorilla Apple, Forbes reports.
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The major retailers most threatened by mobile showrooming, and how they’re fighting it
The practice of “showrooming,” or viewing an item in a retail store and then buying it online, has brought the e-commerce threat directly to bricks-and-mortar retailers, per Business Insider.
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The start of a quiet revolution in mobile commerce
It has been over a decade since the 2002 film Minority Report hit theaters and many of us in the technology industry remember it for one scene – Tom Cruise’s character is unable to make it through a shopping mall undetected because he is recognized by targeted ads. At the time, the concept seemed farfetched. Well the retina scans still are, but the advent of smartphones has actually gotten us very close, according to LinkedIn.
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