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Mobile Minutes: China blocks Gmail; Facebook vs. YouTube ads; Kodak-branded mobile devices; Xiaomi’s valuable phones

Google’s Gmail was blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world’s biggest email service, with an anti-censorship advocate suggesting the Great Firewall was to blame.
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As Facebook takes on YouTube, what’s the long term plan for ads?
If there was any remaining doubt, Facebook made it pretty clear last week that it is taking YouTube head-on in the battle to own Web video with its big deal with the National Football League. The league began distributing video content on the social networking site last Tuesday; those clips were proceeded by video ads for Verizon Wireless.
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From film to smartphones: Kodak-branded phones, tablets coming in 2015
Kodak, a household name in photography, is coming out with its own range of smartphones and tablets with – you guessed it – image management tools. The iconic imaging brand announced a partnership with Bullitt Group to build Android-based mobile devices that may debut in 2015.
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Smartphone maker you never heard of valued at $45 billion
Xiaomi just raised $1.1 billion in funding from some of the tech industry’s most powerful players. That values the company at $45 billion — bigger than LG, Motorola and Sony put together. Xiaomi is currently the world’s most valuable startup — worth more than than Uber, Airbnb or Pinterest.
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