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Mobile Minutes: Blendle lands in US; Uber model struggles; Snapchat builds marketing prowess; Wave-and-pay wearables

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.31.23 PMPay-per-article startup Blendle signs up US partners
Blendle, a Dutch startup that allows users to pay for news stories on a per-article basis, launches in the U.S. Wednesday and has signed on a handful of top publishers in a bid to create a journalism “micropayment” platform.
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The Uber model, it turns out, doesn’t translate
In San Francisco, as in most cities, parking is an expensive daily grind that saps the soul.
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Snapchat’s two new hires will help it show its true value to marketers
Snapchat might be every teenager’s favorite app for silly selfies, but the company is taking its business very seriously.
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Wave-and-pay wearables are convenient for users and crooks alike
Peter Li, co-founder of Atlas Wearables Inc., liked the virtual wallet one of the company’s partners built into his fitness bands for a demo earlier this year.
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