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Mobile Minutes: Apple’s iMessage store; Pandora’s music rights; Twitter’s new limits; Adblock Plus’s ad exchange

Apple is taking on Facebook with an iMessage app store
The app store will launch with the roll out of iOS 10, letting developers make and sell apps and branded stickers directly to iOS users.
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Pandora gets on-demand music rights to tackle Spotify, Apple
Pandora Media Inc. acquired licenses to music from three of the world’s largest rights holders, paving the way for two new subscription services to help the biggest online radio service challenge providers including Spotify and Apple Music.
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The way you Tweet is about to change
The Verge reports that Twitter is cutting back on which types of content apply to the microblogging service’s notorious 140-character limit. Media attachments like images, GIFS, videos, and more will no longer reduce the count, and quote tweets won’t either.
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Adblock Plus is launching an ad exchange
Eyeo GmbH, the company behind the popular online ad blocking software Adblock Plus, said on Tuesday it is launching an online advertising service to help marketers place “acceptable” ads before users with ad blocking technology turned on.
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