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Mobile Commerce Daily’s Classic Guide to Mobile Commerce

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Mobile commerce will shape retail’s future

Welcome to the latest edition of Mobile Commerce Daily’s Classic Guide to Mobile Commerce.

A lot has changed in the past year: more smartphones are on the market, retailers are increasingly launching mobile-friendly sites, applications and SMS programs, and consumers are cottoning to the idea of shopping on their mobile phones and devices.

That said, retailers have ways to go before mobile commerce becomes a uniformly smooth experience for searching, shopping and buying items. Mobile sites and applications have to be more user-friendly, and transaction friction – and fears – reduced.

Smart retailers such as Best Buy have proved that they can make mobile commerce an experience worth returning to, as our case study in this guide illustrates. Best Buy has turned to mobile not only to drive sales through the medium but also to push traffic to stores.

As Best Buy’s Amy Halford says, the company puts customers first and learns along the way.

This guide is designed to help retailers and marketers with their mobile commerce strategies.

Articles from industry experts with tips, best practices and case studies for mobile sites, applications, SMS, social media and videos will help readers make tactical and strategy decisions in an age when consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across channels.

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Please read this guide cover to cover. Feel free to reach out to the writers. These experts have worked hard to offer wisdom not found elsewhere and for that they have our thanks.

Many thanks as well to Giselle Tsirulnik, Dan Butcher and Rimma Kats for their help on this guide. Please reach out to them with story ideas and to this writer for opinion pieces.

Also, thank you to ad sales director Jodie Solomon and to art director Rob DiGioia, who is regularly promised a slim guide but gets the encyclopedia.

Please click here to download Mobile Commerce Daily’s Classic Guide to Mobile Commerce