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Mobile is growing segment of online shopping: Overstock exec

Overstock has quite the mobile presence, with an optimized mobile site for the iPhone and Droid, an iPhone application and an ongoing SMS campaign. 

This publication’s Senior Editor Giselle Tsirulnik interviewed Stormy Simon, senior vice president of marketing and customer care at regarding the mobile channel and its role in Overstock’s strategy. Here is what she had to say:

How important is mobile commerce to Overstock’s overall sales strategy?
Being present in the mobile forum is important to us.  Although it’s a small segment, it’s one we think is well worth catering to.

Can Overstock share some numbers or insight in terms of how much of its customers’ holiday shopping is happening via mobile?
We just launched the application so we don’t have much data. However, the number of consumers are shopping  via their mobile phones is trending up. 

We are happy to offer a user-friendly mobile application.

What is the current state of mobile commerce?
I think there is a lot of price comparison or comparison shopping that is taking place.  It’s really an emerging technology.  It’s exciting to see what new technologies are coming out each day. 

Where do you see mobile commerce in the next year or so?
I think it will continue to become a growing segment of online shopping.  It will be up to the retailers to meet the demand and options that consumers are wanting from smartphones to assure the trend continues.

Can Overstock talk about some of the mobile initiatives it has in place? Mobile site? Mobile app? SMS alerts? has an optimized mobile site for the iPhone and Droid, an iPhone application and an ongoing SMS campaign. 

We are working on supporting additional mobile platforms as well. 

Will mobile commerce help retail sales increase this holiday season?
I’m not sure it will produce incremental revenue but I do believe more dollars will be spent through the platform.

Why does continue to thrive despite decreased consumer spending and a down economy? Does mobile play a role here?
It’s the nature of to be a place for consumers to find the best deals. 

We have exceptional Customer Care.  Hopefully if we continue to do those two things, shoppers will continue to come here.